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the other v word

The Other V Word was inspired by the disconnect our society has between men and birth control. Our society has ALWAYS put birth control on the female partner. Whether it be the pill, an IUD, the sponge (remember those?), spermicide, condoms, etc it has always been on the female to provide, insist, get prescribed birth control for recreational sex. And this pressure and responsibility isn't just one night stand sex, it's very much the same story of monogamous relationship sex. It is high time that males in the world were responsible for birth control, whether they take a pill, get a vasectomy, or readily and happily provide a condom.  I also wanted to start an honest public conversation about hormones! Particularly, female hormones which are like the changing of the winds. So, let's talk about sex, but let's talk about the pressure women feel to provide birth control in a world where currently one political party wants women to be criminalized for having sex and getting pregnant, and lets give men and women equal rights in their private sexual lives by keeping it legal for a woman to end a pregnancy regardless of the situation. 

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